Hello Fish

Hello Fish

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Free Delivery until January 31st on any 1 of our Hello Fish variety packs.

Delivery is free for our Hello Fish variety pack. Available online only.

Choose from 3 types of variety packs:

1) Pickerel Pack: 454g breaded pickerel, 454g pickerel cheeks, 454g sweet potato fries, and 6 shrimp skewers

2) Halibut Pack: 2 halibut fillets, 227g bacon wrapped scallops, and 6 shrimp skewers

3) Salmon Pack: 2 Atlantic salmon fillets, 227g bacon wrapped scallops, 6 shrimp skewers, and 2 crab au gratin

Sorry, no substitutions can be made. 

Delivery is within 2 hours after your order is placed. If you are ordering for a friend, please ensure your friend can accept the package at the shipping address.