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Gimli Fish Market was established over 25 years ago in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The first store opened on Dufferin Avenue has grown to include three locations in Winnipeg.

Icelandic roots from the town of Gimli, Manitoba are the foundation of the business. Fishermen had their horses pull sleds on to the frozen lake in winter and would build their own wooden boats for the spring in order to provide for their families. Their wives, with children in tow, would be filleting, packaging, mending the nets, and tending to the shed. Together they would sell the fish to customers travelling from Winnipeg or even further.

Respect for the lake, minding the weather, and preparing, repairing, and taking care to pass on the tradition to future generations was all part of the daily life of the fishermen.

Today, Gimli Fish Market is proud and honoured to feature fresh fish from Lake Winnipeg and many other fish and seafood products. And is known to Manitobans for healthy choices, quality service, and best value.