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Smoked Salmon Lox Eggs Benedict on Bannock

smoked salmon lox eggs benedict on bannock

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict on Bannock


125-150 g  Smoked Salmon Lox

4 eggs

2-4 tblsp cream cheese

4 tblsp butter

salt & pepper to taste

1 pkg of Chef's Club Hollandaise sauce mix

2-4 bannock (depending if you want open face or sandwich style)

capers (optional)

red onions slices (optional)



1. Set out all your ingredients. Prepare bannock by splitting and getting ready to toast.
2. Poach your eggs to medium or well done, which ever your preference. Lightly salt & pepper. 
3. Prepare your hollandaise sauce while poaching eggs. Follow the directions on the package. 
4. Toast bannock and then spread on butter, then cream cheese. 
5. Place a layer of smoked salmon lox after the cream cheese on your bannock.
6. Place your poached egg on top of smoked salmon and then coat with a hollandaise sauce. 
7. Serve with capers & red onion or simply add salt & pepper to taste. 


Bannock is available at specialty stores, farmers markets, and many other treasured locations throughout our wonderful province. Or seek & find a recipe and try making a batch. Smoked salmon lox is a delicious treat and it's always best to have a little extra on hand for "taste testing". The ingredients in this dish are simple but elegant and a wonderful way to show your adoration to a special one. Serve in the morning, for brunch, or as a late night snack!